Year-Round Christmas Tree at The Mieles

TSINY Dr. Larry Grubler describes his efforts to provide a Recovery Based Approach to Mental Health”

The Mieles Ribbon Cutting 2022

89th Avenue Overview: The newest building being developed by TSINY is currently under construction in Jamaica, Queens at the corner of 161st Street and 89th Avenue. These 8 stories, 46,000 SF building of 68 apartments makes it significantly larger than its close neighbor The Delson which contains 44 apartments. This TSINY enterprise consists of 68 studio units to be split between seniors and working homeless from the community. In addition to the apartments, a full range of wrap-around services is provided with access to on-site counseling services in offices overlooking a lower level garden.
A double-height lounge at the corner provides a gathering spot for the building tenants and their families/friends. Overlooking that space is a 220 SF library. The gracious Lobby leads to a patio which also can be accessed from the laundry room. On the top floor, a 500 SF Community Room leads to a 700 SF outdoor garden with views to the breadth of Queens. Wrapped in varied shades and textures of brick with highlights of blue, green, and marigold, the building’s gently curving corner will provide a subtle contrast to the predominantly rectilinear streetscape. Its presence on the corner will make it an icon visible from near and far as it lanterns top illuminated at night, beckons to the community.
The building will contribute to the neighborhood by restoring the site to consistent use and occupancy, keeping Jamaica open and accessible to people of all abilities and incomes and adding to the urban fabric a contemporary building that nevertheless, respects the prevailing character of its environment.

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