Residential Services Secretary – Full-Time

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Transitional Services for New York, Inc., not-for profit, is a comprehensive, community-based mental health organization located in New York City. We provide a continuum of rehabilitative services to enrich the lives of those recovering from mental illness and facilitate their transition to increased levels of independence. Transitional Services for New York, Inc. envisions broadening its rehabilitative services and becoming a regional social service provider. Transitional Services for New York Staff will deliver effective programs with compassion, integrity, and professionalism. We expect all staff to put our clients’ needs first while respecting ourselves and each other as we provide hope to those who participate in our programs.

Secretary Counselor – $22 Per Hour , Full-Time, at Residential Facility, in Queens, NY

Position Summary

Submit, distribute and monitor requests for personal needs allowance amounts for residents. Generate and provide the staff schedule. Clerical work that includes, but is not limited to, answering phones, photocopying and keeping good records of all financial transactions. Provide direct care services to assigned caseload. Work hands on with residents on learning daily living skills, such as personal hygiene, laundry, budgeting and room maintenance. Accompany residents on medical and benefits appointments and off-site recreational activities. Meet with caseload individually for weekly sessions. Conduct clothing inventory and shop for seasonal clothing.

Essential Functions

  • Type correspondence as requested.
  • Complete monthly money request for the residents.
  • Complete petty cash requests.
  • Distribute weekly monies to residents.
  • Complete order requests for:

                a. Paper order supplies

                b. Office supplies

                c. Miscellaneous orders

  • Submit weekly time sheets after Director’s review.
  • Maintain residents’ financial records.
  • Complete change of shift checklist form to include:

                a. Medication count of control substance

                b. Receipt of correct number of residents in the residence

                c. Count correct number of charts in the file

                d. Location of Agency vehicle

                e. Correct number of house keys

                f.  Receipt of valuables in the house, i.e., TV, VCR, copy machine, etc.

  • Read Communication Log to obtain information from previous shift regarding situation of immediate attention, i.e., crisis, maintenance, medical appointments, escorting residents to the clinics.
  • Check mailboxes. Follow up if specific instructions have been given by Director. Check for messages from other co-workers.
  • Check petty cash box. Submit receipts for petty cash expenditures.
  • Report any unusual or different circumstances in the Communication Log (i.e., resident’s change in behavior).
  • Physical check of all residents’ rooms (i.e., behind beds, closets, etc.).
  • Check all fire exits.
  • Meet individually with all residents on your caseload to check the following:

                a. Check residents’ medication.

                b. Check program and/or workshop attendance.

                c. Check room for cleanliness and tidiness.

                d. Check weekly budgeting plans.

                e. Check residents’ daily for grooming and adequate clothing.

                f. Check residents’ laundry completion.

                g. Check residents’ compliance with daily chore assignment.

                h. Check residents’ compliance with cooking assignment.

                i. Complete a progress note in the resident’s chart. This progress note must reflect the individual treatment plans.                                

  • Meet in group sessions with residents daily according to activities of daily living schedule.
  • Escort residents to recreation outings as per recreation schedule.
  • Completion of clinical contacts.
  • Accompany residents to case conferences and medical appointments as needed and suggested by clinical team
  • Quarterly Service Plans
  • Case reviews
  • ADL quarterly evaluation
  • Physical examination for residents
  • Functional assessment forms
  • Residents’ fee agreements
  • Be able to sit or stand as needed, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • May require walking, primarily on a level surface, for short periods throughout the day, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Be able to reach above shoulder heights, below the waist or lift as required to file documents or store materials throughout the workday, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Driver’s license required.
  • During a declared disaster, assume and adhere to assigned Job Action role(s) consistent with Disaster Preparedness Plan.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


High School diploma

Job Features

Job CategoryCounselor
ComponentSecretary Counselor
Bi Weekly Hoursvaries
Posting Date07/07/2023

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